Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Dave's Deli - Great Sandwiches and Nostalgia

I have eaten several times at Little Dave's, and it is always a treat.  Today we were out and about, and hungry, so Little Dave's was suggested by my dinning partner, Bernie.  When walking in the door, you are greeted by an old REO flatbed truck, on the front seat, a gramophone is on the front seat, and music of the big band era is quietly wafting from the cab of the truck.  On the bed of the truck are old wooden soda boxes filled with old sodas.  A back lit shelf rings the interior near the ceiling, and on the shelf are full soda bottles from around the country.  The floor of black and white tile, dark wood paneling and furniture add to the  warm nostalgic feeling.Step up to the counter to order, and you notice the cooks are in white t-shirts or just white shirts, aprons, and classic white paper cooks hats, reminiscent of the 40s and 50s.

Today I wanted something different, so, not having had it before, I had a hot dog, and Bernie had the 6" Italian sandwich.  The dog arrived plain, though I was expecting a little onion on it, but a little ketchup and mustard, took a bite, and wow, I think this is the best hot dog I have had in a long time, especially in Utah, and real close to Angelo's Coney Island in Flint Michigan (though I have not been there for 30+ years).  This dog was great, and even had a bit of snap from the casing (though I don't think this had a natural casing.  I went back to the counter and asked Dave what brand he used.  He told me Chicago Red Hots, though searching on the net when I got back to the computer, I think he may have meant Red Hot Chicago brand.  Anyway, a great hot dog.

Bernie's Italian was great, according to him.  They have the best bread/buns there.  They are like great hoagie rolls, and the hot dog is served on the same bread.  This is not the soft mushy damp bread of Subway.  And, Little Dave's has the best fries in town

In the past, I have had the Philly Steak, and requested the Cheez Whiz for the cheese, I think this was the best Philly I have had.  The prices are a little high compared to other sandwich shops, but the quality and quantity of food more than makes up for it.  Oh, you can also order online to pick up.  I should also mention the great selection of 'vintage' bottled sodas, the Double Cola is great!

Little Dave's Deli
41West 3300 South
Salt Lake City. 

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